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Ingólfur Margeirsson


Personal information

Name:             Ingólfur Steinar Margeirsson
Date of birth:   February 7, 1952
Place of birth:  Reykjavik, Iceland
Nationality:      Icelandic
E-mail:            ingolfurm@gmail.com
Telephone:      +354 861 7252


Civil Engineer (B.Sc.) Building and Construction (Statics). University of Reykjavik, 1977
Carpenter, Technical College Reykjavik, 1972

Professional experience

1990-present   Specialist at Icelandic Registers.
Developer of system design and project leader for programming and implementation of the Cost Evaluation System. The System is used at the Property Registry to evaluate building costs. The cost valuation is a base for assessment for fire insurance and market value of non market properties. Building cost analysis, calculations and publication of the FMR Building Cost Manual. Evaluation of major constructions, Hydro-Electric Power plants, Air Terminals, Aluminium smelters and other Heavy Industry constructions.

1989-1990       Consulting Engineer (co-owner) at Blátt Áfram Engineering and Architect firm.
GIS Consulting for the Icelandic National Planning Agency and Reykjavik Planning Department (LUKR). Detailed planning projects. Architectural- and Engineering design of various building projects (Housing for the elderly). Surveying, mapping and road design.

1988-1989       Consulting Engineer at VT Engineering and Architect firm.
City master plans. Urban planning projects. Rural area planning projects. Road design. Surveying and mapping.

1985-present   Consulting Engineer (owner) at Hagtækni, Engineering and Architect firm.
Architectural- and Engineering work on various building projects. Detailed urban and rural planning projects. Surveying and mapping. Road design. Water distribution systems. Sewage systems. Production drawings of precast elements (Loftorka and BM Valla). Research project on prefabricated element houses (Magnhus) for the Icelandic Housing Committee.

1983-1985       Community Engineer and Building Inspector at Borgarbyggð Community.

1978-1983       Associate Community Engineer and Building Inspector at Borgarbyggð Comm.
Designing and supervising all Communal projects. Surveying. Road design. Water supply and distribution system. Cost calculations and supervision.

1977-1978       Associate Building Inspector at Akureyri Community

Related experience

Lecturer at the The Agricultural University of Iceland, 1985-1995. Practical Surveying and Mapping.


Licence for submission of Architectural-, Planning- and Engineering drawings, 1993
(Master of vessels of 30 gross register tonnage or less, 2008)


Methods of surveying (LISA, Organisation of Geographical Information in Iceland)
Geographic Information Systems (LISA/NCGIA)
Communal Planning (Centre for Municipal Education)
Real property and damage assessment in Norway (Norges Taxeringsforbund)
Various recurrent courses on assessment (University of Iceland)
Web Design and HTML, System Query Language, AutoCAD (UI)
Cost calculations and time schedules for roads and tunnels (UI)


Organisation of FMR Valuation Systems (FMR 2002).
Depreciation Methods in Fire Insurance (co-author FMR 2001)
Master Plan Report for Skagaströnd (co-author VT 1988)
Road Design Plan for Skagaströnd (VT 1988)
Textbook on practical surveying (University of Agriculture 1985)


Hús og Híbýli (The Icelandic review of architecture), Nov. 1996 / Aug. 2001


Borgarnes Municipality, Planning and Building Committee.
Ministry for the Environment, Committee on Geographical Information.
Icelandic Standards (IST), Committee on Heights of buildings.
Icelandic Standards (IST), Committee on Classification of rooms.


Building Information Modelling: AutoCAD Architectural 2018 (licence owner) / Revit
Geographic Information Systems: Microstation / ArcView / LUKR / QGIS
Digital Terrain Modelling: Intergraph
Other software: InRoads / Sats10 / All Windows applications.
Programming languages: SQL / C+ / XHTML / CS4 / DreamWeaver / APL
Databases: Oracle, Informix, Dbase


English fluent / Nordic languages fair to fluent / German fair